It’s Summer Term!

Waikawau Bay, New Zealand

Kia ora koutou, (“Hi all/everyone”)

Winter term 2020 (Feb-Nov) is over, which means I’m done with the courses that were affected by the start of the pandemic, my getting sick, and all the other covid related drama. Yeah! Though the pandemic is far from over here in Toronto, and most of the world, at least I’ve figured out my “new normal”. Changing careers just before and during a pandemic has been an interesting challenge. Finding a new passion and direction (web and software development – with a likely focus on the front end and perhaps UI/UX), and being accepted into the Graduate Diploma in Information Sciences feels amazing.

Massey is awesome (as usual) and my summer term (Nov-Feb) courses are all live over 10 days early, with two of the three courses being available two weeks early. So I’m already starting this term ahead. This term I’m taking:

  • Data Analysis (using R/RStudio),
  • Web Development (html, css, Java Script, Visual Studio Code, ASP.NET,…), and
  • Media Studies 101 (yes the course code is actually “101”).

I’m also really focusing on connecting with my classmates – one of the biggest challenges of studying via distance on the other side of the world. Media Studies has a discussion/participation part, so that will be a bit easier. We’re already having discussions which is so nice. The silver lining to our pandemic new normal is more people connecting internationally though social and online media.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on Coursera doing pre-study for this school year – and my new career in IT. I’m doing quite a bit of restudy in Python, and other programming languages, along with web development and UI/UX. There will be more blog posts and articles on those courses this term.

I’m also working on freelance writing contracts – both for single articles and longer term projects with the same organisation/project. It’s a pandemic safe, career related, and (IMHO) fun job. Sometime next year, I’ll likely add some freelance web development to my portfolio.

As for look for continuation of article series, new posts, regular monthly “Map of the Month” posts, and in 2021, the site migrating over to I’ll be setting up my 2014 MacMini as Linux Machine and setting up the Raspberry Pi 3+ and robot kit. For Map of the Month, I’ll be using my “100 Years of National Geographic Maps” CD-ROM collection as a starting point.

[Featured Image: Waikawau Bay Lodge, New Zealand. Copyright New Zealand Department of Conservation. The webpage includes an interactive web map.]

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