Launches On September 13, 2020 With a More Streamlined Design was originally planned to launch in July, 2020 on SquareSpace as However, the launch was delayed due to family health issues, during the pandemic.

MapGeek is being launched today, September 13, 2020 as and is being hosted on WordPress. I’ve turned the unexpected change in plans into an opportunity to design and host MapGeek on a platform that will allow for more customisation as I continue updating and expanding my web development skills this year. Content, and more SEO (search engine optimisation) will be added as I write more articles for GoGeomatics, and as I share my experiences changing careers into IT. [Yes, I know the site is missing meta tags, blog topic categories, and etc. 😉 ]

Look for content on:

  • Excerpts of and links to my articles published on GoGeomatics Canada (and hopefully other sites!)
  • Cool maps and stories about them in Map of the Month blog posts
  • Posts about my experience changing careers into tech after being self-employed in special education for almost two decades
  • Tutorials on various IT and geospatial tech topics – as a way to study and learn while helping others
Likely the first tutorial blog post will be on Python.
  • Articles and posts on anything geeky
  • Knitting and fibre arts photos, articles, and maybe an ArcGIS Story Maps on those topics (very geeky – see the quote below)

“Knitting is, at its fundamentals, a binary code featuring top-down design, standardized submodules, and recursive logic that relies on ratios, mathematical principles, and an intuitive grasp of three-dimensional geometry.” ~ Kim Salazar on Knit List

  • On that note – likely lots of random cool quotes
  • Fitness I’m GingerMapGeek on Peloton and workout everyday.
    • Peloton is about the geekiest fitness app around. (The new Bike + is on my list when I start working in IT full-time. )
    • I currently am a Peloton Digital member and ride on the Echelon Sport that was a “Having my birthday during the pandemic” birthday gift.

  • Content from both sides of the globe especially about Canada and New Zealand.
The Difference Between Canada and New Zealand from How to DAD

  • Cat photos and videos ~ I’m a pet mom of three rescue cats – including Boo in the photo below who likes to “help” me #wfh on school by taking up half my desk, and getting into the garbage and recycling if I don’t let him. If I ever make videos Boo will make sure he has a starting role – even if I lock him in another room he’ll be loud.
Boo “helping” me work by laying where my MacBook AND my ThinkPad usually are after I cleaned my desk.
Boo is full of love, and fun, and mischief.
His full name is frequently “No! No! BooBoo No! No! What the *&$! are you doing now?
Kitten (white Norwegian Forest Cat x) snuggling with Maybel (ginger and white tabby) soon after I adopted Maybel from Toronto Animal Services in 2018.
Maybel was a very shy, hissing, 4.5 month old ferrel rescue kitten who’s mom had died. Animal Services were looking for experienced cat parent with a multiple cat household to make her be more confident.
Kitten is the most confident, easy going, and smart cat. He’s like a Border Collie in a cat’s body (sits on command, is leash trained, …). He helped raise my first ginger street rescue Azriel (Main Coon x), and has gone hiking on the Bruce Trail and took the ferry to Centre Island.
(Azzy sadly went over the rainbow bridge in 2019).

Map of the Month Site Headers and Blog Posts:

Ptolemy’s Geography (150 AD) | Credit Wikimedia Commons

About Maps of the Month:

Every month MapGeek’s header image will change to match the Map of the Month. This month is Ptolemy’s Geography (150 AD) seen as the foundation of cartography. An appropriate map to accompany the launching of MapGeek. Look for a post about this and other cool maps in “Map of the Month” posts soon.

~ Elizabeth – GingerMapGeek

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